Theatre: Stronger after the pandemic
A project about you to share with the world.
  • 1. Can you tell me more about the book?

    The book is meant to be a special creation for those who have held membership throughout the pandemic and for those who sign up for a membership (including those renewing) on or before Oct 31st, 2021. Your headshot (or picture) will be in the book. You will be asked 2 questions but you must keep your answers short. It is not guaranteed that both answers will make it into the book (that depends of the number of people taking advantage of this incredible offer, but at least one of your answers will). But both will be guaranteed to be input on the website. In fact, you should read the FAQ about the website.

  • 2. I want to know more about the website?

    The website will be a blog style website and as people sign up for their membership, they will secure a place on the website as long as they have re-upped their membership by Feb 28th 2022. The website will allow people to tell a longer story than what can be put in the book. The cool things is, if you prefer to tell your story by video, you will be allowed to do so on the website. You can get creative and tell part of your story with text and the remaining with video if you like. (I don’t know, I’m just riffing.) The website will include your headshot (or picture) and your answers. (remember only people who re-upped their membership by Oct 31st 2021 will be included in the book).

  • 3. Can you tell me more about the future of TBA pricing?

    Historically TBA has charged a minimum of $80/year for its membership. There are many benefits at this price point. But when the pandemic hit, TBA created a pricing structure that really catered to artists need. Currently there is a $5 option, $25 option, $50 option, $80 option. July 31st is the last day the $5 option will be available, and the other options stay as they are.

  • 4. What is the secret valuable item not mentioned in the video?

    For those who re-up their membership by Oct 31st , 2021, they will receive a 25% off coupon for their next membership sign-up in Oct 2022. For those who re-up their membership Between Nov 1st 2021 and Feb 28th 2022, they will receive a 15% off coupon for their next yearly membership sign-up. **PLEASE NOTE: discount coupon doesn’t apply to month to month memberships.

  • 5. Can you restate the deadlines again?

    To be in the book and on the website, re-up your membership by Oct 31st 2021. Also receive a 25% off coupon for the subsequent membership year sign up. To be on the website, re-up your membership between Nov 1st 2021 and Feb 28th 2022. By re-upping in this time frame you will not be put in the book, only the website. Also receive a 15% off coupon for you subsequent membership year sign-up

  • 6. Can I get a free copy of the book?

    Come on now. Lol. No you cannot. If things go well, this will be a big book (it may even need to be broken up into volumes). Books are expensive. But you will get a free pdf version of the book.

  • 7. What will the book be used for?

    It will be available to purchase. So it will be a valuable keepsake to those who invest in it. TBA may print up a few copies to give to some of their big funders as a thank you gift if they so choose. TBA may print up a few copies to auction off to some of their individual donors. TBA may print a copy to forever sit in their office (when they move back to an office) for anyone to look at. Or something may happen that I can’t even think of. Ohhhh wait, wait, wait. Wouldn’t it be cool if it became an NFT (non-fungible token)? Only a small possibility of it becoming an NFT though.

  • 8. How long will the website with all the people who re-upped their membership be live?

    That’s a good question. Not sure at the moment. Tell me your thoughts: How long should the website stay live (forever is not an option though)? Let me know. I will re-update this when I have a more definitive answer.