In acting we are asked to take risks. In my acting training, I was trained to merge risk with creative inquiry / analysis. No need to take a risk for risk’s sake. And I won’t / don’t.  But I will take creatively arrived at risks. The following will be my biggest to date.

Here we go.

There is an opportunity for a few theatre departments to elevate the national recognition of their training programs while increasing enrollment within 3-5 years.

What do I know?

To grow a channel can take that long and in my online probe of over 100 university theatre departments and their social media accounts, there is no department leveraging the power of Youtube to elevate the status of its training prowess.

Departments have yet to crack the “what is engaging content” code, AND, they don’t have dedicated profs to create that content.

The few educational departments that figure out how to leverage Youtube by creating engaging content, will ELEVATE their training status with their target audience and within the industry.

That’s my hypothesis. Now I gotta see if I can get and hold your attention so we can begin a conversation. Cause the first to start gets the edge.


P.S.: The first department that starts on this journey will have A HUGE LEG UP!