Value Contributions

A value adding contributor

Shows Michael Has Been In

Special Draw

Celebrity Attendance on multiple different shows.

Butts in Seats

Highest grossing opening weekend box office record set.


Invited to speak at various community professional organizations, thereby increasing company visibility and respectability within the local community.

Word of Mouth

Complete sellout of the entire run of the show (before the closing of the first week of performances).

Audience Builder

First time company tried selling Season Subscriptions to audience members. Total sold: 23.


Annual fundraiser that grossed 3 times the yearly average of the 5 previous fundraisers.

High Ratings

The number 1 and number 2 highest rated shows for a single company in back to back shows.

Donor Visibility

Rare appearances by $1,000,000+ donors for 2 separate shows.


Michael doesn’t claim sole proprietorship over the successes of a show, but rather recognizes he was a contributing member of the team that created the production.

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