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Peter And The Wolf: April 20th 2017


I was asked, by the music director and conductor, Lara Webber, of the Livermore Amador Symphony, to be the actor/narrator for performances of Peter and the Wolf (after being personally recommended by Lisa Tromovitch of Shakespeare’s Associates). These performances will reach over 1,000 students in grades K-5, all in one day.

Caenus And Poseidon: March 9th -April 2nd 2017


Caeneus and Poseidon is contemporary retelling of a verse play inspired by the Greek myth of Caeneus, a young man who begins his life as Caenis, biologically female. After the sea-god Poseidon grants his wish for a masculine body, Caeneus feels compelled to hide his former identity from all but his closest friend, Hippodamia, as he seeks the acceptance of his kinsmen and community. But as he and Hippodamia begin a relationship that challenges their society’s strict social order, and as a vengeful Poseidon works behind the scenes to bring about Caeneus’ exposure and downfall, the young man must find the strength to openly embrace his identity and his past. Caeneus and Poseidon is a world premiere originally written for the 2012 San Francisco Olympians Festival.

Caeneus and Poseidon by Bridgette Dutta Portman
Produced by Bridgette Dutta Portman, Patrick Moyroud, and Wm. Diedrick Razo
Directed by Amy Crumpacker
March 9 – April 2, 2017

Location: Dragon Theatre, Redwood City

My role: I play the character Poseidon

Monday Night Playground: Mon Jan 16th 2017


Asked by the casting director of to participate (and recommended by Clea Shapiro, the casting director of Cal Shakes, and by Leeann Dowd, the artistic coordinator of Cal Shakes), I play a role in the short play, “Bedtime Story”, written by the talented Aimee Suzara (, and directed by the equally talented Lisa Marie Rollins (

“Bedtime Story” is a father recounting a story, to his daughter, about a cell phone virus that turns out to be a “love virus”. When peoples phones are infected, they are forced to engage with the real world and the real people around them. Consequently, people “wake up” (during the Trump administration) and come to their senses. Even Trump and Pence cannot escape the “love virus”.

Berkeley Rep Theatre performing in Monday Night Playground


Swirl Holiday Reading: Dec 14th and Dec 21st 2016


I will be directing this Holiday reading in Livermore at the classy SWIRL ON THE SQUARE wine bar in Livermore. This is my second directing experience with LSF.

A reading by Livermore Shakespeare Festival artists:

Celebrate the season with friends, family or co-workers and Livermore Shakespeare Festival artists as they present a staged reading of classic holiday stories (Gifts of the Magi by O’Henry, and Auggie Wren by Auster). Guests will enjoy delicious wine and tapas from Swirl on the Square as the artists perform. The indoor venue only seats 40 people so it will be an intimate holiday celebration!



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