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What Reviewers Say

  • #1. The production is beautifully directed , and played by a cast of STUNNINGLY TALENTED ACTORS, particularly Rice, who makes the best of the slow scenes and soars during most of the show. (Show ~ Waiting To End Hell)

    — Pat Craig (Contra Costa Times Critic) —
  • #2. Michael Wayne Rice gives what Keith called the SINGLE BEST ACTING PERFORMANCE he’s ever seen in any production in the Bay Area. (Show ~ The Whipping Man)

    — Vera Sloan (Former A.D. of Shady Shakespeare / Actress —
  • #3. My sister in law who has been going to WORLD CLASS THEATRE for years and years saw the show last night. She said: “I loved the sets, costumes and lighting. The actor who played Simon [Michael Wayne Rice] is brilliant.” (Show ~ The Whipping Man)

    — Rita Foster (Costume Designer) —
  • #4. Michael Wayne Rice must walk a fine line between being an earnest suitor for Esther, then a rotter of a husband. THAT HE SUCCEEDS AT BOTH is to his credit…Rice manages to convey all of George’s charm and imperfections without faltering. (Show ~ Intimate Apparel)

    — Joanne Engelhardt (Contra Costa News Critic) —
  • #5. Perennial Livermore favorite Michael Wayne Rice brought his lively personal touch to Mercutio, creating a good-hearted, lusty glib-tongued pal to his younger friends. Rendering every salacious innuendo with insinuating voice and unmistakably suggestive physical moves, he HAD THE AUDIENCE ROARING WITH LAUGHTER as he mocked Romeo’s lovelorn misery, and played the prankster even in his death scene. (Show ~ Romeo and Juliet)

    — Sue Steinberg (The Indepedent) —
  • #6. This is the BEST ACTED AND BEST DIRECTED show I’ve seen there. Each performance is strong – in challenging roles – and the company works beautifully as a whole. Well worth seeing (Show ~ Killer Joe)

    — Hudi from Palo Alto (Audience Member) —

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