Juicy About

#1: Lint Picking Baby

Juicy Tidbit #1

His mother told him that when he was very young, he used to cry if there was lint on his clothes. So don’t be surprised if you catch him trying to remove any visible lint off of your clothing. And oh yeah, he no longer cries.
Weirdness Level
Uniqueness Level

#2: Trouble in School

Juicy Tidbit #2

He got put on academic probation while in graduate school. That was the only time, in his life, he ever really got into trouble at school (at any grade level).
The Rebel
School Achievement

#3: MENSA club wannabe

Juicy Tidbit #3

He is a proud geek and a not so proud faux intellectual (cause the people he tends to hang out with are RIDICULOUSLY smarter than he).
Geek Factor
Attracted to Intelligence

#4: Cigarette Temptation

Juicy Tidbit #4

Michael has only smoked a cigarette once his life. In about the 1st grade, maybe a year prior to that, a teacher’s aide forced him to take a puff of a cigarette. He thought he was going to die of the NASTINESS that ensued. It tasted of death, even though, at the time, he had no concept of death, or what it tasted like. To this very day Michael doesn’t know if that teacher’s assistant was an evil teen looking to have a little fun with a young kid, or a evil genius who has forever steered Michael away from the cancer sticks. Actually he chooses the latter 🙂
Hate of Cigarette Smoke
Wish for a total ban on smoking

#5: Smoking A Firecracker

Juicy Tidbit #5

At the age of ten, he once lit a firecracker, that turned out to be a dud (after waiting about 30 seconds for the wick to burn out). He went over to it, and stepped on it to make sure it was out. He turned to his best friend at the time and put the firecracker between his lips. He pretended it was a cigarette (although he had never really smoked in his life). Then it popped! Luckily it was a weak explosion due to being stepped on and all. But it did hurt and his lips swelled up pretty bad for a day or two.
Stupidity Level
Can be attributed to youth

#6: Snap, Crackle and Pop

Juicy Tidbit #6

Michael played Pop Warner football. He played fullback. During a play, in practice, designed for him to penetrate up the middle, he carried about 4 guys on his back, until the biggest guy on the team jumped onto the fray. Michael went down with his left arm extended to catch his fall. Needless to say, his arm didn’t support the weight. It bent in a direction that it wasn’t supposed to. He spent 30 days in the hospital, on his back and in traction with a pin thru his elbow. Ask him to do his King Kong impression to see something weird.
Interest in the NFL
Love of King Kong

#7: What? Are you Deaf?

Juicy Tidbit #7

At the age of 25, he decided he wanted to learn American Sign Language. For about 4 years he lived with Deaf people and for all intents and purposes, became fluent. Many years later, he does not consider himself fluent, but you would only know that he wasn’t “proficient” if you were proficient in sign language (or you read this).
Proficiency in ASL
Desire to do a show using ASL

#8: His arch nemesis

Juicy Tidbit #8

With a PASSION, Michael hates mayo!
Hates creamy white foods
Would love a total ban on mayo

#9: It’s Official

Juicy Tidbit #9

He has official diagnosi (is that the plural of diagnosis, or is it diagnosises or something) of depression and OCD. He has battled very, very hard to control that monster called depression. The OCD stuff you will very rarely see because he hides it pretty well. Except when he doesn’t.
Psycho-therapy helped
Depression hits harder than Mike Tyson

#10: ‘The Special’ Connection

Juicy Tidbit #10

Michael went to a special education school for 2 years. It was a highly specialized school in Orinda, CA. One section of the school housed portables where kids with severe autism went. His section of the school had only 2 main classrooms (that he can remember) and there were about 8 to 10 students in his class. He doesn’t remember any students with severe autism in his class. He kind of remembers 2 or three that may have had Aspergers. Heck, at the time, he didn’t know what autism was. He just noticed some kids doing some very interesting movements and not interacting with others much.
Fondness for autistics
Struggles with self-diagnosis

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