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A Quadruple Threat


Michael believes that the actor should be able to consistently produce a valuable product for the institution he works for and their constituency. He best serves in contemporary, new work and classical plays that lend themselves to naturalism / realism.


While his directing resume is not as extensive, Michael, with certainty, understands relationship building, character development, spatial relationships, dynamic tension, the interpretive process for actors and physical expression.


Teaching is a social service worthy of the highest praise and recognition. The world advances, retreats, progresses, creates and moves toward enlightenment, first and foremost because all individuals have been taught (whether formally or informally).


Okay, well maybe innovator is a bit strong of a word. After all, he is not Steve Jobs. But he is fond of creative marketing techniques or trying to create platforms that can help the theatre community, like a successful podcast or guerrilla marketing fun.

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